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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the course of the last year, the CTRC completed a community-driven Master Plan. This plan provides a framework to re-establish the Buffalo Central Terminal as a vibrant year-round local and regional destination that leverages a diversity of spaces to support economic and social opportunities in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood, Buffalo’s East Side, and the City of Buffalo and Western New York (WNY). Five (5) main goals were derived as a holistic strategy for reuse:


Create an ENGAGING CIVIC COMMONS as a year-round venue of events and activities centered around the Passenger Concourse – and a public plaza and adjacent grounds


Leverage a DYNAMIC MIX OF USES so that early phases support a range of complementary creative, entrepreneurial, and civic enterprises


Support COMMUNITY QUALITY OF LIFE by connecting our future to Broadway Fillmore and being an important part of the quality of life in the neighborhood


Utilize SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS AND PRACTICES while respecting the historic identity of the building and grounds


Create WELCOMING OPEN SPACES with activated grounds and year-round use, recreational activities, and events to drive interest and support future building uses

At this time, the Terminal is closed for critical construction repairs and is not hosting indoor events. Because of ongoing restoration, we are only holding events outdoors on our Great Lawn. Please check our Event Schedule to find out about the exciting activities scheduled at the Terminal’s Great Lawn. The event season runs from April through October.

Support our next chapter by: Attending an event, Pledging you support by making a contribution, Subscribing to our e-newsletter, Sharing a memory of the Terminal to

We cannot guarantee that we can host your group. We are open to setting up opportunities for large groups to come volunteer. Please email your request to

We are constantly amazed by all the cool stories we hear from people with connections to the Terminal. So please share them on our Facebook page, or submit via email to If you have a photo or even a piece of the Terminal and would like to donate it to the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, we accept all kinds of submissions no questions asked. Please contact us via email to coordinate.

There is a monumental job ahead to make the long vacant and deteriorated Buffalo Central Terminal safe, clean, and dry. Due to ongoing construction and restoration efforts to stabilize the building, the Central Terminal is not open to the public.


In the summer of 2020, the Buffalo Central Terminal began a $5 million New York State funded project to address the severely deteriorated former restaurant roof. In addition to roof repairs, the 3 upper floors received asbestos abatement, repairs were made to masonry walls, and several abutting roofs were repaired as well—including a connection point to the Concourse. The former restaurant area and upper mezzanine office floors are now dry and ready for the next phase of construction.


Even considering the work that has been completed so far, there are significant structural and safety challenges that still need to be addressed before we can reopen our doors to the public again.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, drones are not allowed within a 1-mile radius of any peregrine falcon nest, so unmanned aircraft systems are not allowed near the Central Terminal due to our resident falcons.

Unfortunately not at this time. We’re not equipped to handle weddings or do wedding photo shoots. We get this question a lot and we apologize for not being able to accommodate these requests at this time. With the current condition of the facility, all our staff and volunteer efforts MUST focus on stabilizing the building for redevelopment.

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