Our future is in motion. Years of planning with the community have shaped a shared vision to transform Buffalo Central Terminal into a new kind of connective force. 

In the coming year, we will take a monumental step forward to engage like-minded partners who put people first—architects, engineers, developers—to help realize aspirations that are central to this initiative. 

As we take the next BIG steps, your contribution – added to those of your friends and neighbors – ensures the future of the Buffalo Central Terminal.

Help build the momentum.

Be part of this moment and every moment after. Consider joining our Central Circle as a monthly supporter and help provide year-round care for this living landmark.

Mobile device not displaying our contribution form properly? Access our secure contribution page powered by LittleGreenLight directly here. If you prefer to make your contribution by mailing a check, you can make your check out to Central Terminal Restoration Corp., and send it to PO Box 51, Buffalo, NY 14212.

Become a champion

As a member of our Central Circle, you will be part of our closest circle of friends. Joining is convenient and impactful, with monthly auto payments through your credit card or bank account.


EXPANDS the Terminal’s advocacy.
Your regular support will provide consistent resources to develop the Terminal as a lasting cultural and economic hub. With the community-driven Master Plan, we have written our next chapter. Together, we will advocate to make it a reality.

GROWS this catalytic opportunity.
Your generous support will bolster our shared vision for a future rooted in equity. The rising tide of investment, innovation, and opportunity will be formed and realized by the very people who have made the community what it is today.

SUPPORTS TLC of the building and grounds.
Your steady support will enable us to take care of the Terminal. The gorgeous, massive building and grounds require year-round care. With your gift, we’ll keep the lawn mowed, the snow cleared, the lights on, and the building safe and well maintained.

A new kind of connective force.

One of Buffalo’s most loved historic places, support for the Buffalo Central Terminal pours in from across the country, and even across the globe.

These Terminal Champions are propelling the future of the Buffalo Central Terminal as a lasting cultural and economic hub; changing the doubt of “this will never happen” to the firm belief that “this is already happening.”