Our future is in motion. A year-long collaborative planning process shaped a community-architected, shared vision to transform Buffalo Central Terminal into a new kind of connective force.

The Master Plan is the first step of many on a path to realizing the audacious inspirations for a fully reimagined  Buffalo Central Terminal—a vibrant hub reborn in the heart of an already vital community at the center  of a city with the courage to acknowledge its blind spots and make certain its resurgence is shared by all.

Together we created a plan for the future and a path forward. 

The Buffalo Central Terminal Master Plan.

Executive Summary
Buffalo Central Terminal Master Plan


Appendix A: Analysis and Existing Conditions
Appendix B: Property Conditions Survey
Appendix C: Case Studies


The Master Plan is the most in-depth guide ever created for the Terminal’s reuse.

The Master Plan re-establishes the Terminal as a vibrant, year-round, regionalvenue that leverages diversity of spaces, and reflects cultural and economic assets of the Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood.

Together with the community, we conceived of a new future rooted in equity, knowledge, and a shared vision for a path forward. Through community-driven planning on the ground, this planning process brought together a diverse individuals, from longtime Terminal champions and neighborhood residents to new Americans, local business owners to government allies, preservationists to pioneers.

The future of the Buffalo Central Terminal is inextricably tied to the future of the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood. Embedded in our Master Plan is the Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Framework that identifies 1) key assets, 2) opportunities and challenges, and 3) a core set of goals and values for broad revitalization lifted up by residents.