Building momentum together


Years of planning with the community have shaped a shared vision to transform Buffalo Central Terminal into a new kind of connective force. 

In the coming year, we will take a monumental step forward to engage like-minded partners who put people first—architects, engineers, developers—to help realize aspirations that are central to this initiative.

Our Master Plan

Help Build the Momentum

Buffalo Central Terminal represents more than just a building to save—it represents hope and possibility.

In the last three years we have built unprecedented momentum and support for the reuse of the Buffalo Central Terminal, and we need your help to keep the momentum building!


“Growing up, I always marveled at the iconic Buffalo Central Terminal . . . Instead of a symbol of decline, with this investment we will transform the Central Terminal into a symbol of rebirth. . . Bringing the Central Terminal back to life will be a significant step forward for Buffalo’s East Side.”

Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor of New York State