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    We’ve Got It Covered with Our Adopt-a-Tile Program!

    In 1929 well over 13,000 concrete roof tiles were mounted on the vaulted roof of the Buffalo Central Terminal. Since then they have consistently been exposed to inclement weather. Some tiles are worn down to the mesh and the decay is leading to interior damage to our Concourse and its vaulted ceiling made of Gustavino tiles.

    We need to act quickly to raise the funds for replacement. Our first of three phases targets the areas most in need – where interior architectural elements are compromised. Our second phase will address roof areas that can make it until the Summer 2013, and the third phase will address all other flat roof areas left.

    Help us in preserving the largest adaptive reuse project in all of Upstate New York. Adopt-A-Tile today and you’ll receive:

    • A Certificate of Tile Ownership
    • A 20″ x 14″ print of the Buffalo Central Terminal
    • The name or name of your company added to a special Adoption Board that will be mounted in the Concourse area for all to see.
    • Plus, your adoption fee is 98% tax deductible!
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    Your In-Kind Donation Could Leave a Legacy for Generations

    So many local businesses have come forward to assist the Terminal with their particular craft or service.  You can be part of this effort, as well.

    From the fabrication of the Mezzanine railings as pictured here to the basic maintenance needs to keep us going, the Terminal needs YOU!

    Email us to learn more about our Sponsorship Program and join in today.

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    With More Work Comes More Opportunities to Make an Impact

    From a collective consciousness of individuals, businesses and trades unions comes great change not only for the Terminal, but our Western New York Region, as well.

    Once the Center for Restoration Arts and Sciences is launched from the first day of restoration it will provide a platform of on-site jobs that will lead to jobs of the future.  Further, there will be neighborhood re-investment into the Broadway Fillmore District and well as economic development for the entire region.

    Your donation helps this process and every little bit helps.


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    You Help Make Good Things Happen at the Buffalo Central Terminal

    If it weren’t for community support via memberships and donations, along with funding from private foundations, we wouldn’t have a new section of roof completed.  But, there are still more areas to re-roof as well as repoint masonry and every dollar we receive from you and every membership we obtain provides strong metering of community support which allows us to apply for larger funding through foundations and government.

    You can make that difference in any capacity you can afford.  We thank you, in advance, for your kind consideration.



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